No choice

To be separate and alone is one thing. To be separate from others is another. The moment the individual leaves the separate aloneness and steps into the collective, they leave the absolute and enter the Maia, the illusion. To make contact, to communicate across that separateness requires explanation. The Collective Intelligence begins with 'Because of'. The absolute knows there is no because, there just is, but that is not satisfactory to the collective. The collective demands reasons and the reasons can never be the truth only one of myriad aspects of the truth.  The Because of leads to the Collective Experience   of   'This and That'.  You are happy because of this or that. You are a failure because of this and that and so on. The absolute knows that you are what you are. No choice despite whatever the reasons may be.

The Human Design System shows clearly how enormously vulnerable we are by design. That few Human Beings are able to live out their true nature. The collective is a powerful field.  In understanding your own design, in recognizing your true nature you have an opportunity to break this conditioning. Life is only a matter of Wait and See. The value of such knowing is the acceptance of the unique and perfect nature of your being. To love yourself as you are, for what you are, in the now. This is the absolute. This is the recognition of creation and the greater Self.

The time of Absolute is upon us. 'No Choice' said the 'Voice' and it is was and is crystal clear to this messenger. When or if we are ever surrendered as a collective, we will know the Tao and will be able to express it is an absolute.


We Are Here Now

You Are Unique.    You have No Choice.    Love Yourself.

(RA URU HU   from "The Book of Letters")



"No Choice" said The 'Voice'

(RA URU HU "from "The Book of Letters")


Vanity.   Vanity.  Everything is Vanity, said Salomon. It is the greatest of truths and it is a particularly Human condition. On the assumption that the individual is in control of its destiny lies all suffering.  It has a name. It is called free will. It is an illusion. All of the great teachers have taught over and over again the same lessons, that in their language, only God is great. They had no proof and their wisdom either found belief or rejection. The Human Design System is an absolute, an 'Absolute of  the Maia'. It is evidence, living evidence that there is no choice, that there is no free will. There should be no confusion about this "no choice". It is not a concept. It is a fact. Close your eyes and remember that you are travelling at hundreds of thousands of kilometers an hour in space, literally hurtling through the cosmos. We are being penetrated by trillions of particles, Neutrinos, that have been proven to bear mass; travelling at near the speed of light every second. If you take an electron microscope and look into a Human body at a high enough magnification, there´s nothing there but empty space. In biology, 'everything' that you think and say and do, 'everything' is initiated in the deep grey areas of the brain before they are consciously perceived. There is no choice. It is a fact ...and yet the power of choices prevails.

The universe is a duality and we are its microcosm. The Absolute and the Maia are the Ying and the Yang of our field of experience. The absolute is experienced in our unique separateness. This separateness is how our brain is designed to perceive its place in the world order. In the aloneness of the separateness it is a first only the 'I am', the awareness of being alive followed by the emergence of Self-Consciousness. I am here Now. I am alive in this time and space. There is no choice here. This is pure being.